We are committed to using sustainable materials to produce our renowned cushion collections. We produce nearly all our cushions with 100% cotton and 100% linen materials. Linen is an integral part of our identity at Paloma Living; linen is sustainable and renewable as it’s made from the organic flax plant. As a hypoallergenic material and a natural anti-bacterial fabric, our linen collection is friendly to the skin and offers a durable yet sustainable approach to timeless living.

We use the same method for our cotton cushions and throw collection; using 100% cotton in throws is a unique approach however one that we are proud in taking. Cotton is hypoallergenic and is known for its breathability.

To avoid wastage, Paloma Living is dedicated to managing our production levels in order to not oversupply. As sustainability is on the forefront of our values, limiting excess is paramount in our contribution to landfill.

Many of our cushions are supplied with recyclable PET fibre; this is an eco-friendly cushion insert and is non allergenic. The recycled fibre is made from existing plastic water bottles and is re-spun to create a new polyester fibre.

rPET can be made from both post-industrial and post-consumer input materials and takes less recourses as well as 59% less energy to generate. The quality is equal to a polyester fibre however the PET version is recyclable, hypoallergenic and saves 70 water bottles from landfill for every kilo.

Paloma Living is proud to announce that we’re a female owned company, employing an all-female team in the Paloma Living Sydney Head Office. We often collaborate with local female small business owners and are devoted to amplifying women in our creative and homeware community.

Paloma Living is committed to helping communities and offering assistance to those in need, both overseas as well as in Australia. Our Director, Natasha dedicates her time weekly to a local Sydney charity and will often donate to homeless communities, children’s hospitals, and women’s shelters privately.