Discover the Magic of Ranthambore

05/14/2023 by Natasha Christofa

In my role as a designer, I take inspiration from everything around me. During my recent buying trip to India, we travelled 5 hours from Delhi to visit the thrilling Ranthambore National Park.

The park is located in the state of Rajasthan and is home to a large variety of wildlife, including the Bengal Tiger, leopards, bears, and more. As I made my way through the park, I was inspired by the majestic scenes that surrounded me. The landscape was so vast and varied, and the wildlife so diverse.

We stayed at two luxury resorts throughout our stay.  Aman-i-Khas provided a truly luxurious and unique experience, with its luxury tents offering a sense of solitude and magnificence unlike anything else. The tents were designed to evoke the feeling of a safari, allowing guests to connect with nature while still enjoying a luxurious experience.

The Six Senses Fort Barwara provided guests with an unforgettable combination of solitude and wellness. Guests were able to take advantage of the resort's many amenities, such as yoga classes, meditation and spa treatments, as well as the stunning outdoor views. The resort also included a variety of outdoor activities, such as horse riding, archery and camel rides.

In addition to the park's beauty, I also found that the people of the area were just as friendly and welcoming as the animals. Everywhere I went, I was greeted with warm smiles and generous hospitality. This made my visit to the park all the more enjoyable.

Overall, my trip to Ranthambore National Park was an incredibly rewarding experience. The beauty of the park and its inhabitants were truly inspiring, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to visit such an amazing place. I'm sure I will be visiting again soon and taking back even more inspiration for my work.