At Paloma Living, we are driven by the belief that kindness and generosity go a long way. We are committed to giving back and serving others. Paloma Living has pledged towards various worthy causes in an effort to make a change.


Paloma Living Founder, Natasha, grew up surrounded by passionate donators. Her family instilled in her the importance of giving back – no success in life is greater than generosity and kindness.


Natasha’s yiayia (grandma) was an especially important role model in her life. Migrating to Australia from Greece, she was guided by her generous heart at all times. Natasha’s yiayia was a life long supporter of the Westmead Children’s Hospital and was listed as one of their major individual donators. By her example, Natasha learnt the importance of sharing and serving others – a value at the core of Paloma Living.


Paloma Living is committed to donating to charities for women in need, specifically the Women And Girl’s Emergency Centre (WAGEC) and the Women’s Resilience Centre (WRC).

The Women And Girl’s Emergency Centre supports women and families in crisis, supporting 200 women and children every night who are impacted by homelessness and domestic violence. They achieve this by providing material aid, case management, individualised support, accommodation, and crisis responses. In addition to their day-to-day efforts, WAGEC also works to educate on and challenge the disadvantages faced by women. They work alongside communities and public entities to establish prevention activities and make long-lasting change.


The Women’s Resilience Centre is a place of hope, healing and recovery for women who have experienced or witnessed domestic abuse and trauma. The WRC aims to fill the gap between short-term crisis care and longer-term recovery by guiding women through their healing and transition period. WAGEC provides a Resilience Program supported by a lived-experience peer- to-peer Mentoring Program, delivered nationally online and face-to-face.


Paloma Living Founder, Natasha and her family regularly contribute to the Sydney-based charity, Street Buffet which provides warm, hearty meals to people sleeping on the streets.

Natasha believes in the importance of consistency, especially where philanthropy is concerned. She and her family have donated to Street Buffet for many years, with the cause holding a special place in their hearts.


“Natasha and her family have been donating their time and meals to Street Buffet since 2017. Natasha and her sister were young adults when they first started bringing warm meals to Sydney’s homeless and have been consistent volunteers for many years. We’re extremely thankful for their ongoing support and compassion.” – Ian from Street Buffet