Design Studio

 At Paloma Living, we are dedicated to providing you with a wide range of bespoke and tailored services to suit your design needs.
Our experienced team can assist you with wholesale inquiries as well as large scale commercial projects. 


Since our founding as a wholesale company in Australia, Paloma Living has been devoted to providing luxury soft furnishings to retail stores globally. Stockists of Paloma Living are regarded as an extension of our family; individuals who are equally passionate about interior design and quality furnishings.

As part of our wholesale program, we partner with selected retail stores that align with our brand vision. Should your stockist request be approved, the following benefits would be applied:

Marketing Materials

As part of our service to you, we provide lifestyle and location imagery that complements the luxury of our soft furnishing line; this will also assist you in marketing the product to your database.

Worldwide Shipping

Our warehousing and logistics facility is available for immediate dispatch, shipped from Australia directly to your door.

Streamlined Payment

By partnering with local banks globally, we ensure that payment is as effortless as possible, allowing our stockists to enjoy an easy banking and shopping experience.

Social Media Reach

Paloma Living has over 50K followers on Instagram @palomaliving ; we will aim to promote you via this channel so that our followers become aware of your new stockist status.

Stylists and Designers

Our cushions have been designed to cater to designers and stylists globally, with timeless collections and neutral tones being a key part of Paloma Living's brand identity.

We are dedicated to providing opulent furnishings for high-end interior settings; our extensive collection of design themes and textural fabrics provide great versatility for upcoming styling projects.

Commercial Projects

Using our expertise in fabric and hues, our design team can create bespoke pieces for your hotel or other large scale projects.

The tailor-made commercial program begins with the review of your brief and understanding of your soft furnishing requirements; our team will then draw inspiration from previous seasons or your mood boards to create a collection that is crafted specifically for your project.

Marine and Aviation

Paloma Living provides luxury soft furnishings to yacht specialists around the world. Our yachting stockists can be found on our website; if you would like to receive a comprehensive list, please feel free to contact us directly.

If you'd like to create a bespoke collection for your private jet or yacht, one of our dedicated luxury designers will create a collection of furnishings that reflect opulent design. With the assistance of our design team, we can provide a range of soft furnishings crafted using the highest quality fabrics and hand-looming techniques; custom made for you.